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I've been consistently climbing for almost a full year now, and I've absolutely fallen in love with the sport. 

I've gone from barely completing the beginner routes, to now climbing at what is considered an "intermediate level."

Have 10 minutes to spare? Watch me overcome my local outdoor wall for the first time!

Overcoming Man

A mini documentary of breaking gender roles, overcoming fears, smashing routes, and falling. Lots of falling.

Created with Laura Rouw


Rock climbing is classified as being masculine, rugged, burly, etc. My climbing partner, Laura, and I wanted to push our own skills to show how women are just as able as men to participate in the sport, so we took to the outdoors.

After weeks of training indoors, learning how to use the equipment, and building confidence, we tried climbing outside at Manchester Wall for the first time.... only to learn that we were severely underprepared. Thanks to some climbers we met, we were able to do some easy routes, and learn what to bring to be prepared for next time. 

The next time we climbed outside, it was under awful conditions. It was freezing. We decided to push through and climb a harder route anyway. This proved to be a difficult task, to the point where Laura wasn't able to make it to the top, and I had to climb again to clean up our equipment. 

Despite the difficulties, we left the wall with a positive mindset, proud of the fact that we expanded our horizons and overcame our fears. 

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