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Is This Meta or What

One of my favorite things to do is play around with technology to see what I can create. I am partial to AR filters, and enjoy pushing my skillset. 

Things don't always turn out the way I want, but hey it's all a part of learning right?

Functional Filters

Scan the snapcodes through your Snapchat app to interact with the AR filters!


What if we imagined a world where Lyft is a lifestyle. Over here, life feels lighter.

Use your back camera to walk inside and get a 360 view of Lyftopia.

I wasn't actually able to present a shareable functional filter to the client. Something kept crashing and I couldn't figure out what it was for the life of me. It wasn't until i was messing around later that I realized I had a misplaced component uploaded as an audio. One deleted file and she was working perfectly....

Lyftopia snapcode.png
Lyftopia Portal Video (1)_1.gif

IZZE is fun, bubbly, and exciting. I wanted to create a filter with the same vibes. This (later reimagined) campaign celebrated how IZZE is #ForrealForYou. 

Use your front facing camera to get some cool shades, and feel the vibes of IZZE. 

This filter actually got over 20,000 hits on snapchat. Sorry IZZE if I broke any rules by using your brand image :)

forreal for you snapcode.png
Forreal video.gif

Let's pretend that the 2024 Olympics are taking place in Jakarta. Time to celebrate the culture and style of Indonesia all around the world!

Using your front facing camera, you can take a selfie with this crown fit for a gold medalist. 

Jakarta snapcode.png
Jakarta Pics.png

(Not So) Broken Filters

Some attempts at cool things that never quite functioned properly... 


This was blending a lot of skills. I designed a low poly 3D model of my dog, and tried to make her interactive. I got her to animate on a loop and follow a path. Unfortunately she crashes as soon as she reaches the end of her path. And she's inside out?? Woof...

Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 11.17.16 AM.png
Papaya Park Face.png
Celestial Bodies

This is the first ever AR filter that I made. It was part of an campaign for a female/nonbinary gym concept. The goal was to have the user feel "celestial." Wings were attached to and moved with the user's shoulders, and static text framed the image. 

Unfortunately the only proof I have of this filter is an old photo I took of my old roommate using it... I wish I continued to push this, but I kind of just expected using AR filters to be a one and done kind of deal. Anyway, thanks Jordan for modeling for something that could have looked so much cooler. Maybe we can remake the pic someday. 

Snapchat Filter Ad Example.jpg
Want to see more 3D work?
Modeling with armature?
Or perhaps I can make you a filter!

Let me know what you want!


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